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Army Lists

Welcome to the Army Lists page!

Here you'll find the army lists we play with, and some details regarding how they play. You can expect construction concepts, intended tactics, as well as how they actually fared when played. The newest list of each player will be at the top of their list.

Grant's Lists

2015.09.23 - Tohaa - 300 Points ~ List Details

2015.12.19 - Tohaa - 300 Points ~ No details here. Listen to the show!

2015.12.19(2) - Tohaa - 300 Points ~ Biotechvore and Cold Sleep.

Brad's Lists

2015.10.23 - PanOceania - 300 Points ~ No details yet, will cover on Epsiode 3 (MI GT episode).

Randy's Lists

2015.12.19 - Aleph (Steel Phalanx) - 200 Points ~ Steel Phalanx for escalation league.